About Hiway Travel
Hiway Travel, Inc. is a full service travel agency, offering the very best in cruises, tours, vacation packages, car rentals, and much more! 
WE SPECIALIZE in understanding your unique travel needs and dreams. We can help you choose the vacation experience that is just right for you and your budget. We will help you do that because we don't just try to sell you something. Our goal is to make sure you have the best vacation ever because we value the close relationships with our clients that last beyond just one vacation. Our customers are loyal customers who seek our services on several vacations throughout the year.
ALL TRAVEL AGENCIES ARE NOT ALIKE! Hiway Travel has access to a full range of travel products, and vacation destinations. Some people think that using a travel agent means you end up paying more for your travel. That is simply not true. Actually, in most cases you will save money by booking through us. We know where bargains are, so please trust us to help you find them.
For Internet shoppers-Important Note!
If you are one of the many people who like to do their own research on the internet, we can really help you out. Do your research! After you find all the information you want, call us at (800)-390-9009 toll free and let us help you book through our expertise. There is just too much information on the internet which can really be confusing, and in many cases, misleading. We have the feedback from our many clients, so let us help you!
Thank you for visiting our web site, and please do check back often for updates!
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